Thursday, 1 July 2010

Madhu's recipe: Italian Taglatelle pasta

I'm not used to any kind of international food. But my hubby loves to try difft types of food.. Am very very choosy about what i eat..

My hubby wanted me to change my food habits and get used to other types of food.. So i thought of starting with some simple Italian dish, and get used to it slowly.. I made this Tagliatelle pasta.

I had bought a ready made pasta sauce called Artichoke with garlic sauce. Measurements are for 2 people..My hubby liked it a lot and i thought of posting it in my blog.

You can use any kind of pasta. I've mentioned the name of the pasta i used.

Here goes the simple pasta recipe:

1. Pasta 200 gms
2. Artichoke sauce 130 gms
3. Cooked / steamed Brocolli flowerts 2/3 cups
4. Cream 1/2 cup
5. Mozzarella cheese / Parmesan cheese grated 1/2 cup
6. Fresh Parsley leaves finely chopped 2 tblspn
7. Salt to taste


1. In a sauce pan boil water with little salt and 1 tspn oil, once it starts boiling, add pasta to it and cover it. Let it cook for 15 min. Drain and keep aside.
2. In another pan add olive oil, add the pasta sauce, then add cream , also add 1/4th cup water,use the water in which pasta is cooked, cover and cook for 2 or 3 min. Then add the cooked pasta, cooked/steamed broccoli flowerts, parsley leaves, salt, and cook for 2 min till all gets well mixed.
3. Now add Mozzarella / Parmesan cheese on top mix everything once again.. cook for few seconds and turn off the stove and serve it.

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